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After all the riveting adventures and the secrets revealed in Unlocking Secrets, there's undoubtedly a plethora of questions running through your mind. But guess what? The story of the Roswell family isn't over. 

Cathy Williams

Mark Alfred

Lynthia Andrew


Great! What a captivating story!

I need more. So many questions running through my mind. 

I babysit frequently and had one of the six year olds I care for read aloud and she loved the story. She didn't want to put it down.

Honestly, we thoroughly enjoyed the story. Keep at it, the world's best author yet.

WOW! What a well-written, heart racing fantasy novel.

Unlocking Secrets had my daughter and I on the edge of the couch. So many twists and turns, The character Addison, on one of his many missions, found himself shot but the wound was healed before he made it to the hospital. 

My daughter Mandy, is still finding new questions to ask about the characters and story plots six months after reading the book. 

Mandy has told at least a dozen of her friends about the book and they have all purchased a copy.

We’ll definitely be rereading it in the very near future.

Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Unlocking Secrets is a wonderful novel in which the main character eleven year old Teigra Roswell discovers much about herself and about others around her. Danger is prevalent, but she maneuvers through difficult situations. While learning about her background, she uses powers which she's born with as a witch demon-hybrid. She shows love for those around her, but is very able to be incredibly brave in scary situations. Mysteries are unlocked throughout this entertaining, fun, fantastic, and suspenseful story.

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